How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for a Road Trip | Beckley, WV

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for a Road Trip | Beckley, WV

One thing that many American families have in common is a love of road trips. Whether your trip is to a neighboring state or travelling across the country, you need to make sure your car is ready. Here are a few things you need to check before you hit the road.


Your tires are the only things keeping your car in contact with the road. Give them a thorough inspection and look for signs of wear, like low tread or cracks in the sidewall. If the tread is wearing unevenly, this could be a sign your tires need to be balanced. If all the tires look worn down and fail the penny test, get a new set from Mountaineer Ford.


No matter what time of year you are travelling, you want to make sure you have a properly working climate control system. Have everything inspected to make sure both the heater and air conditioning are working well. There's nothing worse than spending hours in a hot car because the A/C is busted.


It is hard enough finding someone to give you a jump when you are at home, but it could be even harder in unfamiliar territory. Make sure your battery is fully charged and ready to go. A new battery is cheaper than potentially needing a tow truck, so consider placing a new battery in your ride if it's been five years or more since your last swap.

Oil Change

Follow the recommended oil change schedule in your owner's manual. If you will hit your oil change interval during your trip, get your oil changed beforehand to ensure optimal performance and efficiency throughout.

Windshield Wipers

You should get a new set of windshield wipers every six to 12 months. If yours are leaving streaks or have cracks in them, it is time for a new set. You should also top off your windshield washer fluid, so you don't run out.

For all of your vehicle's maintenance needs, stop into Mountaineer Ford. We'll check all of the necessary boxes and make sure that you're ready to go for your next trip.


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