About Beckley, WV

At Mountaineer Ford we're honored to call Beckley, West Virginia our home. This city is filled with good people and a long, fascinating history. Its location just off of the bustling
I-64, south of Charleston, and right down the road from three National Forests makes Beckley a great place to visit, and an even better place to live. 


Beckley was founded in the 1930s with the arrival of an engineer named Alfred Beckley. Native Americans had called the area home long before Beckley arrived, but this civilization had since left the area. Because of the surrounding terrains, many travelers were forced to pass through Beckley-then called Beckleyville-regularly.

However, it wasn't until the Industrial Revolution brought railroads and mines to the area that Beckley started to really thrive. Prior to that, it was a simple farm country. The jobs that came with railroads, mines, and other such industries brought many more folks to the Beckley area. Coal mining was a big industry in Beckley for much of the late 1900s, until many aspects of the process became mechanized and jobs decreased drastically. 

 Beckley, WV


Today, Beckley relies on its ideal and convenient location and its gorgeous, natural surroundings as a big point of commerce. There are lots of things to attract passersby to stopping for a visit, from gorgeous parks, to campgrounds, to the Exhibition Coal Mine which provides a close look at Beckley's significant history of coal mining.
Beckley even has a Youth Museum installed in four old boxcars. This quirky attraction features rotating exhibits perfect for an afternoon with the family.

Still, one of our favorite things about calling Beckley home its close proximity to several natural wonders, like the Appalachian Trail, Chesapeake Bay, and New River Gorge. At Mountaineer Ford, we never grow tired of outdoor adventure, and the Beckley area always has some exciting jaunt into Mother Nature to offer us. 

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